Pink Humpy
Pink Humpy is a soulful indie rock group led by singer songwriter Brendan T. Brennan. In 2008, Pink Humpy is unleashing their debut LP "Your Diamond Ring and My Guitar". The album has a breathy, soft, simple and natural sound that feels laid back and accessible. It's been described as a bohemian style groove that sounds a bit jazzy, funky or almost R&B at times. The lyrics speak of love, but also touch on serious topics like homelessness, mental illness and addiction.

Brendan T Brennan
Vocals, Guitars
Yos DiAngelo
Jon Wood
Patrick J Brennan
Older brother Pat recently relocated from Philly to Boston, and finished his 3rd solo album entitled "Trickstar and the Pink Humpy Collective"

Special Guests:
Jason Mowry
Leo Greenberg
Chris Wood
Jeff Harvey
Frank Ewing
Previous Venues/Events:
World Cafe Live, PA
Baggott Inn, NY
The Penthouse - Liberty 2, PA

The Gryphon Cafe, PA
The Drake Tavern, PA
Spence Cafe, PA
University of Pennsylvania, PA

Steel City Coffee House, PA
General Lafayette Inn, PA
Well Fed Artists Gallery, PA
Behind the Groove Fashion Show
Mexican Medical Mission Benefit
The Rusty Nail, PA
PJ Henry's, PA